Research & Projects

Bursary 2013

This years Bursary has been awarded to Leslie Sercombe.

Leslie is researching freehand lace (lace made using very few pins) and early braids. She is involved with a group of people from around the world gathering information about freehand lace.

Her research will include visits to museums including ‘Hand and Lock’ a braid manufacturer in London. She is seeking connections between braid making and early bobbin lace, with a special interest in 16th & 17th century metal braids and laces.



In July 2014 Leslie went to Gandino in Italy and took part in a three day workshop for early hand made braids. Inspired by the huge collection of gold and silver braids and laces held at the local museum, the object was to design a piece of work that could be interpreted by the use of bobbins.



My inspiration was this silver bobbin lace, see the images above. It had been made using bobbins in a way I had never seen before. On analysing the images, it was clear that threads were carried round the design and brought out as and when needed. This opened up a whole host of possibilities.