Research & Projects

Chandelier:- at Waddesdon Manor 2014

Waddeson Manor (National Trust) near Buckingham, invited lacemakers to produce work inspired by the manor and its collection. Several NLM members visited the manor and returned with an idea of creating an installation in response to a large chandelier in one of the rooms. The idea was put to the whole membership, there was lots of enthusiasm for the project.

Norfolk Lacemakers Inspiration

Many members took part in this project and produced lengths of handmade lace, which was used to edge shapes that would represent droplets of a chandelier. Using our theme, Phantom of the Opera, we thought we could display most of the droplets on a tiered wire frame, to be suspended below the original chandelier.

The remaining droplets could be scattered over the table that was underneath the chandelier. However the staff of Waddesdon Manor displayed the main structure and the loose droplets all suspended from the chandelier.

It looked stunning, as though the droplets were falling through the air.

Our exhibit remained at Waddesdon Manor for the whole of summer 2014, people from far and wide came and admired our creation. There were over 50 other lace exhibits on show at the same time, displayed in various rooms around the house. This Included individual pieces by Alison, Tamara and Leslie. To see their exhibits please visit each Member Profile page on this web site.