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Annual Membership Fees -

Individual Membership
£25.00 Payable annually in May.
Note: A member joining during the year will pay a proportionate part of the membership fee

Family Membership
Note: Family membership means parent or guardian and any children who are still in education.

Visitors (who are most welcome)
Your first visit is free after that the cost is £5.00 However it is hoped that you would consider joining. If you did join, your visitor fees would be deducted from the first membership. As a member you will receive the Lace Vine newsletter three times a year, have access to the library, and would be eligible to join arranged visits to museums etc.

· All fully paid members have access to our extensive Library of over 400 books which are available   for loan. Check out the Resources: ⎯ Library section on this site for more information

. Periodically outings are organised for members, friends are also welcome, spaces permitting.

. Several times a year, guests are invited to give talks, demonstrations, and workshops during the   regular meetings. These events are not always lace related but cover many and varied subjects.

. Norfolk Lacemakers hold an annual Lace Day. Cost of tickets:⎯ members £6.50 visitors £7.50
  Check out the Lace Day section on this site for more information.

. As a member you will receive the "Lace Vine", NLM newsletter, three times a year, March. July   and   November. Members with access to a computer will receive it by email, others should collect   a hard copy at the relevant meeting.

. The Pat Payne bursary is open to all members. £100 is awarded at the AGM in May to the   winning member. Check out the Resources: ⎯ Bursary section on this site for more details.