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Ann Hagen 

Ann learned to make lace in the early 1980s. She soon decided that there was a limit to how much pretty white lace she wanted. After reading Ann Collier's "Creative Design in Bobbin Lace" she realised she could use lace techniques to interpret her designs. Her first effort was "Spring Lace", inspired by the first leaves on willow trees. Later she attempted the "Grain Dryer" which was her engineer son's first large-scale design. Others include Winter Silhouette, Sunset, Cornish Beach, the Seahorse are in a large glass Fish-tank. Three other pieces were made for her three grandchildren's first birthdays.

Colour and using techniques differently were frowned upon by many traditional lacemakers."I don't call that lace" and "Can you make proper lace?" are comments she has had to ignore. I am pleased to say that, today, such ideas are encouraged and are seen as the way forward for this ancient craft. Ann hopes that young people will see that a variety of threads and colours can be used together to make LACE. Visit Ann's Gallery

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