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Muriel Moorhouse

I started making bobbin lace about 1979. Prior to this I was an avid knitter, but then my family didn't’t want hand knitted garments any more. During a visit to the Worstead Festival, I saw Joan Parker demonstrating bobbin lacemaking in the church. In the September that year, Joan was going to start a new lacemaking class in North Walsham, I joined it.
That was the begging of a new hobby for me, a life changing situation. I was ‘hooked’ straight away. I later trained to be an Adult Education Tutor for lacemaking classes. I have taught this for more than 25 years. I have been on many courses to learn the various styles of lace:- bobbin, needle, needle run, tambour, tatted, crochet etc. I have learnt and taught the techniques of many European as well as British laces.
Participating on the City and Guilds Lacemaking course, started my desire to design lace. I have attended several Lace Guild and OIDFA lace conferences.These also inspired me. I helped to instigate the local lace design group:- Bishy Lace Group. Making lace with coloured threads and fabrics have been my greatest love. I have designed all the lace in my gallery, nameing them according to techniques, rather than a title. I hope these will inspire you too .Visit Muriel's Gallery.

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