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 In our Library we have an extensive collection of over 300 books. For further information about the library and librarians, Muriel and Geraldine check out Library For information on the books we hold check out Resources:-Library Catalogue Members from time to time review books from the library,visit Resources:-Book Review


 We have a limited stock of used pillows and bobbins that would be available to any member to use. As a new member you would be able to borrow the equipment to try out this ancient craft before purchasing your own.
It may be you need an extra pillow for a new project whilst you have other lace in progress, or you may need some extra bobbins.

The used equipment has been generously donated to the group by lacemakers wishing to encourage others to enjoy this art and craft. To find out more about what we have for loan please speak to a committee member.


To find all the information about the Norfolk Lacemakers Annual Bursary visit Resources:⎯Bursary