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Bobbin Lace

Here is a list of books (available only to members) relating to bobbin made laces.Hover over each title to view the front cover of the book. To access the other catergories click on a link below.

History Magazines Miscellaneous Needlelace Other Laces

Arnold. Eunice
Teach Yourself Torchon Lace
Atkinson. Jane
Pattern Design for Torchon Lace
Azzopardi. Consiglia
Gozo Lace
400 Barber Jacqui Tradition into Creation
Baumeister-Jonker. Lia
Schneeberger Lace
Baumeister-Jonker. Lia
Schneeberger Lace Patterns
Bean Ruth
Bedfordshire Lace Patterns
Bellon. Brigitte
Kloppeln 3
Bellon. Brigitte
Kloppeln 5
132 Bentley S More Circles
Biggins. Caroline & Barry
New Patterns in Honiton Lace
Blakey. Kay
389 Blakey. Kay PIrouette
Blanchard Joan
Malmesbury Lace
Boelaars. Zus
Kantklossen Slag voor Slag
Burkhard. Claire
50 New Bobbin Lace Patterns
Canning. Shelly
32 Downton Lace Patterns
Clare. Rae
Dryad Book of Bobbin Lace
Clegg. Anne-Marie
Torchon Lace Patterns
Clegg. Anne-Marie
Torchon Lace Patterns Book 2
301 Clegg. Anne-Marie Sugar Candy
302 Clegg. Anne-Marie May Blossom
Collier. Ann
Creative Design in Bobbin Lace
Collier. Ann
New Design in Bobbin Lace
Collier. Ann
Lace in Miniature
8 Cook B.M. & Stott G. The Book of Bobbin Lace Stitches
144 Cook B.M. & Stott G. Introduction to Bobbin Lace Stitches
318 Cook. Bridget ed. Birthdays & Birthsigns in Lace
319 Cook. Bridget ed. Special Occasions in Lace
321 Cook. Bridget ed. Weddings Christenings & Anniversaries
99 Cook. Bridget M. Building Torchon Lace Patterns
191 Cook. Bridget M. Practical Skills in Bobbin Lace
208 Cook. Bridget M. Torchon Lace Workbook
293 Cook. Bridget M. Russian Lace Making
334 Cook. B M. & Tratnik. Metka Idrija Lace
135 Corbett. Kathy Lace for Giving
234 Corbett. Kathy Bucks no 1
404 Cox. Dorothy K. Flowers & Butterflies in 3D Bobbin Lace
119 Dews. Alison My Lace
120 Dews. Alison My Lace 2
204 Dews. Alison More of My Lace
71 DMC La Dentelle Aux Fuseaux - La Frivolite
128 Dye G. Birds. Buttons & Bookmarks
414 Dye,Gillian & Thunder, Adrienne Beginner's Guide to Bobbin Lace
287 Dyer. Anne Copper Wire Lace
380 Eemans-Moors G. Rosaline Lace
134 Egger. Katharina Neue Kloppelmuster
109 Fisher. Jennifer The Bedfordshire Family of Laces
121 Fisher. Jennifer Torchon Lace for Today
138 Fisher. Jennifer Braid Lace for Today
403 Fouriscot Mick & Hubert N La Guipure de Puy
307 Fukuyama.Yusai 100 New Bobbin Lace Patterns
228 Giustana M & Dunn L Binche Lace
131 Glaisdale Lacemakers Motif & Motivation
357 Gobser. Elisie H Bobbin Lace
198 Gorse. Beryl A Nosegay of Hankies
106 Hardeman H. Torchonpatronen
263 Hardeman H. Torchon Lace Patterns
178 Harris. Valerie The Lavendon Collection of Bobbin Lace
327 Hawken. Christine 121 Honiton Lace Fillings
206 Heiden T Withof Duchesse
267 Heiden T Withof Duchesse
116 Huicq. Denise Premieres Dentelle aux Fuseaux
25 Inder P.M. Honiton Lace
405 Iverson Karen Marie Modern Bobbin Lace
167 Jean and Mary The Little Book of Christenings.
233 Jeans. Margaret Church Lace Today
218 Jourde Fouriscot Petoit Le Puy Lace
26 Kcinteel Blumen
216 Kelly J. Bobbin Lace Designs
205 Kemp. Betty (Bertha) Downton Lace
171 Kenn Elwyn Point Ground Patterns from Australia
291 Kenn Elwyn Designs in Point Ground from Australian Wild Flowers
28 Kortelahti Eeva-Liisa Nyplattya Pitsia Lace (Binche Lace)
29 Kortelahti Eeva-Liisa Pitseja. Virkaten ja
192 Kortelahti Eeva-Liisa Uudet Nyplaysmallit
280 Kortelahti Eeva-Liisa Roses in Bobbin Lace
288 Kortelahti Eeva-Liisa Pitseja Pukeutumiseen (Bobbin Lace to wear (kleding)
335 Kortelahti Eeva-Liisa Nyplaysmalleja 1998
219 Lace Guild Bedfordshire Instruction Book
84 Leegwrik N De Techniek van het Kantklossen
117 Leegwrik N Kantklosplezier
201 Lev -Skrov nov . Vera Contemporary Bohemian Lace
96 Levey. Santina and Payne Pat le Pompe-1559 Patterns for Venetian Bobbin Lace
202 Lewis- Wild. Robin S. 101 Torchon Patterns
124 Lohr Ulrike Kloppeln 7
409 Lohr Ulrike Vielle Gute Grunde
417 Lohr Ulrike Spitzen fur alle tage
32 Luxton. Elsie The Technique of Honiton Lace
325 Luxton. Elsie The Technique of Honiton Lace
371 Luxton. Elsie Honiton Lace Patterns
97 Luxton. Elsie and Fukuyama. Yusai Honiton Flowers in Lace
213 Luxton. Elsie and Fukuyama. Yusai Honiton - The Visual Approach
33 Maidment. Margaret A Manuel of Handmade Bobbin Lace
49 Martin. Peggy Step by Step Russian Tape Lace
408 McFadzean Carol Devon Trolly Lace
420 McFadzean Carol Devon Trolly Lace
67 Mincoff. E. & Marriage. M. Pillow Lace
375 Moore. Ann Milanese Lace Designs
222 Newble-de Graaf. Jane Duchesse Lace - An Introduction
69 Nissen. Karen Trend Knipling I Torchon
224 Niven. Mary Flanders Lace - a Step by Step Guide
254 Nob‚court Maria-Catherine & Potin Janine Bayeux Lace
35 Nottingham Pamela The Technique of Bobbin Lace
36 Nottingham Pamela The Technique of Bucks Point Lace
56 Nottingham Pamela Technique of Torchon Lace
146 Nottingham Pamela Bucks Point Lacemaking
241 Nottingham Pamela Technique of Bobbin Lace
242 Nottingham Pamela Bobbin Lace Making
261 Nottingham Pamela Bobbin Lace Making
295 Nottingham Pamela Technique of Bobbin Lace
312 Nottingham Pamela Technique of Bucks Point Lace
369 Oidfa Point Ground Lace
39 Olffen A.van Kantklossen
88 Olsson I-L Knypplerskan Book 1 and 2
199 Paton Valerie Creative Lace Patterns
297 Paton Valerie Creative Lace Patterns
115 Paulis and Rutgers Technique and Design of Cluny Lace
407 Read Patricia 50 New Milanese Patterns
282 Read. Patricia and Kincaid. Lucy Milanese Lace. An Introduction
308 Read. Patricia and Kincaid. Lucy New Braids & Designs in Milanese\ Lace
207 Robbach J.E.M. Vlaanderse Kant
129 Robinson. Pamela Manual of Bedfordshire Lace
123 Scharck. Annelie Kloppeln 6
310 Scheele-Kerkhof Yvonne Dutch Bobbin Lace Patterns Withof Duchess
413 Scheele-Kerkhof Yvonne Floral Bedfordshire
397 Schneider Irmgard 36 Kloppelbilder nach der Natur
268 Skovgaard. Inge The Technique of Tonder Lace
108 Sorenson Veronica Modern Lace Designs
311 Sorenson Veronica Modern Lace Designs
232 Sorenson. Veronica Design Techniques for Modern Lace
314 Sorenson. Veronica 75 Quick & Easy Bobbin Lace Patterns
289 Sorenson. V. & Rombach De Kievid. J.E.H. Technique of Bruges Flower Lace
215 Spikermann Schneeberger Lace
112 Springett. Christine The Christmas Lace Book
225 Springett. Christine Lace for Children
237 Springett. Christine Lace for Children of All ages
169 Stillwell. Alexandra Drafting Torchon Lace Patterns
372 Stott Geraldine Decorative fillings for Bucks Point Lace
98 Stott. Geraldine Dreamtime - Floral Torchon Lace
173 Stott. Geraldine A Visual Introduction to Bucks Point
252 Stott. Geraldine The Bobbin Lace Manual
175 Sutton. Edna Bruges Flower Lace
221 Sutton. Edna Designing for Bruges Flower Lace
273 Takano. Saikoh Birds & Animals in Honiton Lace
45 Tebbs L.A. The Art of Bobbin Lace
145 Thomas. Lesley Torchon Patterns Book 1 (Alby Lace Museum)
275 Thomas. Lesley Table Linen Torchon
139 Thompson Susanne Introduction to Honiton Lace
243 Thompson Susanne Introduction to Honiton Lace
313 Thompson Susanne Introduction to Honiton Lace
329 Thompson Susanne Further Steps in Honiton Lace
140 Tomlinson I Original Torchon Prickings
141 Tomlinson I Original Torchon Prickings Book 2
260 Tomlinson I Original Torchon Prickings
75 Trandzidov . M. Palickujeme
214 Underwood. Barbara M. Traditional Bedfordshire Lace : Technique And Patterns
399 Underwood. Barbara M. Introducing Beds Lace - 20 Lessons
294 Underwood. Barbara M. A Bedfordshire Lace Collection
370 van Pamelen-Hagenaars Duchesse
416 Van Steyvoort-Collette Initiation a la Creation Dentellier
110 Vandenhorst J.J. Alphabet Miniaturesek (5 books)
266 Vandenhorst J.J. Kantklosse 1986 - 46 varieties
176 Verbeke-Billiet.Anne-Marie Syllabus Binche 1
210 Verbeke-Billiet.Anne-Marie Syllabus Binche 2
30 Voysey. Cynthia Honiton Lace : A Practical Guide
59 Wade. Elizabeth Torchon Lacemaking : A Manuel of Techniques
174 Willmot J. Lace Flowers
235 Willmot J. Lace Flowers
209 Withers. Jean Lace in Use
315 Woods. Sandi Special Effects in Bobbin Lace
401 Woods. Sandi Alphabet Inspirations in Coloured Bobbin Lace
324 Wright Doreen Bobbin Lace Making
415 Wuytack Frie Van beeld naar verbeelding
80 Zwaal-Lint. Tiny Kantklospatronen
81 Zwaal-Lint. Tiny Nieuwc Kantklospatronen
90   Nyplayksen Opas
296   The Lacemakers Circle Pattern Book
418   Czech lace