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Wendy Adams 

I started making lace in 1980 when I met Margaret Heron who had recently moved into a house near me. She had been taught lacemaking for several years, and I joined her class at Long Stratton and started by learning Honiton. That was Margaret’s favourite and she felt, if you started with Honiton you could do any of the other types of lace.

I believe she was a founder member of Norfolk Lacemakers and I joined soon after, when the meetings were at Wensum Lodge. I was a committee member of Norfolk Lacemakers for several years and chairman in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s (I can’t remember the exact year).

I helped Margaret start lace classes at Lakenham First School and carried on when she moved out of the area with the help of Carol Harper I’ve tried several styles of lace over the years, both bobbin and needle lace and have tried tambour lace as well. I prefer to make pictures, flowers and jewellery rather than cloths or edgings.

Some members may remember the travelling lace pillows I made. I adapted the design from one I saw at a Lace Guild meeting and sold them myself and through SMP lace. (the pictures I’ve sent show my original one). I enjoy most types of craftwork, (e.g. knitting, embroidery, beading) and have made tassels, cards and toys. My main interests other than craft are the WI, gardening and reading.Visit Wendy's Gallery

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