Research & Projects

Bursary 2014

This years Bursary has been awarded to Wendy Adams

My application for the Norfolk Lacemakers Bursary said:- “I was really interested in the lace shown by Beth Walsh during her talk “Historic Lace in Contemporary Design”. I had never seen such large scale lace before. I heard Beth’s talk again at the Norwich branch of the Embroiderer’s Guild and talked to her about what she used and where she got the materials. I would like to try to make some myself as I have a length of wall in a corridor in my house that has been crying out for a piece of art work for some time. I would use the bursary to buy bobbins and thread to experiment with techniques to produce a wall hanging. I am looking to produce something about 1m by 2m in size using either Torchon techniques or free lace.”


Well I’ve made a start!!! I visited Masson Mill when I was on holiday in Derbyshire and they sold the “bobbins” that were originally used to carry the thread in the weaving shuttles. I bought 40 to use for my lace. Unfortunately I made a mistake when I ordered the linen thread, it was far too thin. However I liked the feel and colour of it so decided to change my idea and make something based on Milanese braids rather than on Torchon lace. I experimented with different numbers of threads together on the bobbins and found that using 10 lengths gave a good thickness for what I wanted. I am nearly half way through making the piece, but the fine weather over the summer distracted me. Now the days are wetter and colder I’ll pick up where I left off and finish it ready to show you in May.